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Meet our November

featured Former Protegé:


Jennifer Lynn Heilig is a Musical Merit Foundation former protegé who has forged a successful musical career branching out from her early classical training to become a scintillating electronic violinist in various genres.   
When asked what her MMF award has meant to her, she replied:
"Being a MMF top prize award winner was an incredible honor and privilege that afforded me a most memorable musical experience at the Aspen School of Music, and the preparation for the competition taught me how discipline and consistency are key to inspiring confidence in one's delivery.  I'll never forget it!  Thank you MMF!"

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2023 Musical Merit Winners
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Since 1946, the Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego has held a yearly competition

for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Competition winners (protégés) have demonstrated extraordinary education, prodigious talent, and skill.

Many of our protégés are currently studying in prestigious universities and conservatories,

or performing professionally in symphonies and opera companies throughout the world.

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