Celebrating 75 years of

The Musical Merit Foundation

The Musical Merit Foundation is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2021!

Stay tuned for updated information on our 2021 Auditions and our 75th Anniversary celebration later this year.

If you are a former or current protege and you would like to provide a performance video for our website, please contact us! 


2021 Scholarship Audition Regulations are now available (virtual) and the 75th Anniversary celebrations.

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Since 1946, the Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego has held a yearly competition for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Competition winners (protégés) have demonstrated extraordinary education, prodigious talent and skill.

Many of our protégés are currently studying in prestigious universities and conservatories, or performing professionally in

symphonies and opera companies throughout the world.

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Our 1st Protégé for July is violinist/conductor David Chan.


David is a 2-time prize winner from MMF (1990, 1991) who has gone on to great acclaim as a violinist and conductor.

Here is his bio:


His webpage contains some wonderful media:

Congratulations to David on his continuing musical success!