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Meet our February

Featured Former Protégé:

Wesley Precourt

Wesley Precourt is one of only two 8-time prize winners in the 77 year history of the Musical Merit Foundation (the other is fellow violinist Annelle Gregory).  He is Associate Concertmaster with the San Diego Symphony and maintains a busy performing and teaching career.  

When asked what being a MMF protégé has meant to him, Wes replied:

"The Musical Merit Foundation is a truly singular organization.  There is no other scholarship program like it in the country.  I'm quite sure that I would not be where I am today if not for the opportunities granted to me by Musical Merit.  
he financial scholarships allowed me to attend the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.  My summers in Aspen exposed me to new teachers, conductors, colleagues, and music made at the highest level.  Those memories continue to inspire me to this day.  
I am proud to be a Musical Merit alumni and have my name among so many other talented and deserving musicians.  I know there is a bright future for classical music thanks to Musical Merit."

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"Lunch & Listen" presentation for the

San Diego Symphony

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2023 Musical Merit Winners
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Since 1946, the Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego has held a yearly competition

for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Competition winners (protégés) have demonstrated extraordinary education, prodigious talent, and skill.

Many of our protégés are currently studying in prestigious universities and conservatories,

or performing professionally in symphonies and opera companies throughout the world.

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