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We are pleased to announce our 2024 Award Winners:

Anne Liu - $12,000, Conrad Bruderer Award
Søren Pedersen - $11,500, Trovillo-Graham Award, Aspen Award
Kevin Song - $11,000, Fenstermaker Scholarship
Christian Gonzales - $11,000, Fenstermaker Scholarship
Carly Cummings - $9,500
Caden Jiang - $9,000
Emily Weinberg - $8,000
Alexandra Burch - $7,000
Erica Wang - $6,500
Amanda Olea - $6,000
Nathan Haghgoo - $5,500
Aidan Kaplan - $5,000

Click HERE to meet our winners

Click HERE for the Awards Concert

Meet our 2024 Semi-Finals / Finals Judges:
(click here                 for their bios and pics):


view past awards concerts and protégé recitals on our 
Musical Merit YouTube Channel.

2023 Musical Merit Winners
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Since 1946, the Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego has held a yearly competition

for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Competition winners (protégés) have demonstrated extraordinary education, prodigious talent, and skill.

Many of our protégés are currently studying in prestigious universities and conservatories,

or performing professionally in symphonies and opera companies throughout the world.

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